Pohocco Lutheran Church

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Pohocco is not just a little country church building on Hwy 77, but a gathering of dedicated men, women and children who love God and the Church.  Together we bring the Good News of God's grace to our community, and in the spirit of Jesus we give of our time and offerings to serve others in need of our love.  It is my privilege to serve as pastor of this wonderful congregation.  May God continue to bless and guide us in all our doings.  


In Christ,

Pastor Orduna


Please feel free to contact us via phone or email.  

Thank you and God's Blessings be with you always.

Pohocco Lutheran Church

P.O. Box 543

Fremont, NE  68026-0543

Church Phone:  402-727-6640

Church email:  pohoccolutheranchurch@gmail.com

Church website:  www.pohoccolutheranchurch.com


Worship Services are available currently by video link on either Facebook, YouTube, or just click on the link above labeled "Worship Service Videos".

Important Information

Church Service cancellations or event cancellations will be posted here

Pohocco is currently no longer offering in-person worship. 

You are able to worship each Sunday by video link.

Pastor Johnice Orduna 



Holy Communion - 1st & 3rd Sundays of the Month

Worship begins at 9:00 AM

Education Hour - 10:20 AM (September - May)


  • ARLAND & DELORES MOZER (parents of Roxanne H)
  • GLENN O'NEILL (brother-in-law of John Nelson)

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  • The front door will be opened, please do not enter the church building by the basement until the sanctuary is full and a greeter is at the basement door to let you in.  You will be directed towards the basement door if the upstairs is full.

  • The wearing of a mask covering nose and mouth in worship will be required. The only exceptions are for those who will be reading or speaking during the service at the lectern or pulpit. NO EXCEPTIONS! (except children under age 3)

  • You will see someone at the front entrance ready to open the door for you when you arrive, so that you will not be needlessly exposed to contamination from door handles. Our door opener/greeter will check to see that you have your mask on properly and let you in the main front doors. You will stop at the entrance table after you enter. 

  • Greeters will ask if you are feeling well and will check you in.  This is for contact tracing, in the event that anyone who is worshiping becomes ill later (for notification purposes). After checking in, you must be seated by an usher, who will be seating people from the front of the sanctuary and working their way back.

  • We will sit in alternate pews for distancing. ‘Closed’ pews will have a card on them marking them as “closed” on that day. 

  • Social distancing of 6 feet between people who are unrelated will be observed. Families who live together may sit together in a group.

  • There will be an offering plate  in the narthex for your offering. 

  • Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance table and in each pew. 


  • The entire church sanctuary, public areas like restrooms and the narthex will be sanitized after the service. 

  • We have the television in the basement hooked up to the camera upstairs so you should be able to view the worship service live from  the sanctuary.

  • Pew bibles, hymnals, attendance pads, extra envelopes, pencils and children’s bags have all been removed so that there is nothing that others share or touch to spread the virus. 

  • There will be worship service bulletins handed to you by a gloved usher.  You will also have access to the bulletin in the digital format you have been receiving during the closure. 

  • No sharing of the peace will be physically passed, no hugging or ignoring of social distancing requirements... 6 feet of space. (This will be hard for our congregation! But, please, do not think of what you want, but keeping others safe!) 

  •  Ushers will excuse worshipers back to front and worshipers will be led to the exit door. This is to keep people from passing each other in doorways.

  •  Worshipers must quickly exit into the outdoors. There can be no ‘bunching’ or crowding of folks in the narthex. Worshipers are encouraged to leave the church property as soon as possible. While outdoors, please continue to follow social distancing guidelines. Fellowship will only happen outside with proper social distancing—not in the narthex or the basement. There will be no coffee, drinks or food allowed to be served. 


  • We will celebrate the sacrament of Holy Communion the first Sunday of the month.  Communion will be in the throw away containers that have both the wine (actually grape juice) and wafer together prepackaged.  The Communion cups will be distributed to you as you enter the sanctuary. After Communion, a basket will be available to place the communion cups in. 

Your Responsibilities

  • If you are not feeling well or have been ill in the last two weeks, please do not attend worship. 

  • We need your patience, your understanding, and your honesty in honoring these directions. 

  • We need to be unified in our hopes and efforts of keeping everyone safe and protected. Please leave negative comments or attitudes at home! 

  • ALL worshipers must wear masks into the building and throughout the service that cover nose and mouth (exception is when consuming communion).

  • Worshipers coming into church will be asked to sanitize their hands.

  • If you do not feel comfortable coming to church yet, give yourself permission not to come. Please, know that we will continue to video the worship service, but it will not be available for home viewing until after the worship service has ended. We will continue to do this even after the pandemic crisis is over. We have determined that we are touching lives beyond our congregation. It is our hope that those who are ill, home-bound, or on vacation will be able to worship with us as desired. While we yearn for this pandemic to be over, we are committed to trying to keep our worship environment safe for all of us.