Pohocco Lutheran Church

( 402) 727-6640



FEBRUARY - Karen Dunker & Mary Romanelli
MARCH - Vicki Wollen & Patti Cernin
APRIL - Tammie Ondracek & Chris Ondracek
MAY - Sandy Winkelman & Barb Hevlin
JUNE - Diane Greenfield & Mary Romanelli
JULY - Vicki Wollen & Pat Stienike
AUGUST - Patty Lindgren & Carmine Youmans
OCTOBER - Christy Reeson & Roxanne Hartman
NOVEMBER - Ruth Vacha & LaNelle Larson
JAN. 2020 - Mary Petersen & Karen VandeStowe

Duties of the Altar Guild - Keep the Altar Flowers watered and oil in candles. Let the church treasurer (Rich Winkelman) know when communion wine is needed. Make arrangements with a council person when wafers are needed. Change altar clothes according to the calendar. Set up for communion and clean up after communion. Set up for baptisms. To make sure things run smoothly, coordinate duties with your partner for the month.  


FEBRUARY - Ken & Janey Gaughen

MARCH - Kelsey Hagen & Karen Jordan

APRIL - Tim & Mary Robinson

MAY - Millie Ondracek

JUNE - Mary Romanelli

JULY - Tyler & Renae Hevlin

AUGUST - Roxanne Hartman

SEPTEMBER - Jan & Christy Reeson

OCTOBER - Ken & Janey Gaughen

NOVEMBER - Larry & Barb Hevlin

DECEMBER - Dale & Dawn Clary

JANUARY 2020 - Roger & June Vogel

Altar Flowers cost $35 per month - please pay Chris Ondracek.


FEBRUARY - Ruth Vacha & Karen VandeStowe


APRIL - Patty Lindgren & Carmine Youmans

MAY - Chris Ondracek & Tammie Ondracek

*JUNE - Diane Greenfield & Pat Stienike

JULY - Nancy Hoppes

AUGUST - Roxanne Hartman & Sandy Winkelman

*SEPTEMBER - Mary Petersen & LaNelle Larson

OCTOBER - Christy Reeson & Dawn Clary

NOVEMBER - Jennifer Klawitter

*DECEMBER - Rachele Petersen

JANUARY 2020 - Mary Robinson & Renae Hevlin

*5th SUNDAY - Barb Hevlin & Mary Romanelli

Duties of the committee:  set up for coffee hour, help clean up after coffee hour, set the tables up for special occasions and keep the refrigerators cleaned out.  The committee will be responsible to provide mike the entire month.  To make sure things run smoothly, contact your co-host for the month and coordinate responsibilities.  

If you are not on schedule please feel free to let the committee know you would like to bring something.

It is important that all families that eat / attend social hour participate in taking a month and bring food and drinks.  This only makes it fair for everyone.  If you cannot do a whole month and would like to split months or trade Sundays with another group please coordinate that on your own.


FEBRUARY - Tom Ondracek

MARCH - Rich Winkelman

APRIL - Vicki Wollen

MAY - Scott Klawitter

JUNE - Dale Clary

JULY - Tom Ondracek

AUGUST - Rich Winkelman

SEPTEMBER - Vicki WollenBold

OCTOBER - Scott Klawitter
NOVEMBER - Dale Clary
DECEMBER - Tom Ondracek
JANUARY 2020 - Rich Winkelman


FEBRUARY - Bryce Reeson & Ava Reeson

* Christy Reeson

MARCH - Grant Hevlin & Brooke Hevlin

* Tyler & Renae Hevlin

APRIL - Tony Ondracek & Lane / Regan Petersen

* Tammie Ondracek

MAY - Colby Robinson & Shaylee Robinson

* Tim & Mary Robinson

JUNE - Tony Ondracek & Morgan Ondracek

* Tammie Ondracek



SEPT. - Tony Ondracek & Matthew Ondracek

* Tammie Ondracek

OCTOBER - Bryce Reeson & Ava Reeson

* Christy Reeson

NOVEMBER - Grant Hevlin & Brooke Hevlin

* Tyler & Renae Hevlin

DECEMBER - Lane Petersen & Regan Petersen

* Todd & Rachele Petersen